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… is what I don’t have. At least not for showering in the open, in front of a whole slew of people.

A couple of Saturdays back is when it really started to go bad. One of the military men posted by the public pool I swim at Saturdays said that one of the water pipes got punctured or something along those lines. Hence, no water in the shower. So we had to shower using the provided for water bins outside with a tabo. Quaint, fun, and whimsical. For the first time.

They were able to patch the hole, I assume, before my swim buddies and I were done, though, so the actual shower (where the shampoo, soap,etc. ritualization occurs) was done in the privacy of the stalls. Plus changing into our dry clean clothes.

The Saturday after that had the same thing going on: pipe leak, tabo system, fixed after a few, done deal. And then, the Saturday before I left for Thailand, I had no swim buddies with me. They had water running, but in the middle of my rinsing the soap suds (which happens to be Dove), they shut the main valve, cutting the water off.

Now Dove, being 1/4 moisturizing cream, is a bitch to rinse off. I took several hundreds of agonizing minutes on the sink that had water dripping at one drop every ten minutes.

And today, the only shower that had any water at all were the ones outside the bath area. Right out there by the pool. And, this being a military gym complex kind of affair, there were always people either driving, walking, jogging, swimming, and/or all of the above (some, all at the same time) all the time. I had to shower with my swim trunks on, so the Dove soap suds kept pooling at the crotch part of the trunks and it was an ordeal to discreetly wash your balls out in the open.

I guess you can say it took balls to do that. Heh.

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Thursday mornings, we hold our weekly internal and client quality calibration, to see if everyone’s on the same page insofar as evaluating quality is concerned. Last Thursday, though, was extra interesting. We went above and beyond office calibration. There was an impromptu bull session that left me, and I believe the rest of us newbies, breathless. It was exhilirating, passionate. However, I find it just a tad bit improper to air out the dirty laundry where people can see them. I guess I should be concerned, because for all intents and purposes, at least for the remainder of my QA time, this is my team, too, and their concerns will ultimately be my concern, as well. I just wished it didn’t have to be like that. A little propriety wouldn’t have hurt either.


Master Luvin, congratulations! Swerte ng mga magiging agents mo. Master agad nakuha nila. Hahaha.

Krazee, (sabi ni Ayeen) congratulations! Show them what a walking KB can do on operations!

Sayang lang, we could’ve all been friends, too.

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Bad Ass

I had the strangest, bad ass dream this morning. I dreamt of my colleagues. First, there was my trainer, who I am totally crushing on, and we were lying on the floor, talking about office matters, our heads next to each other. And then he said everything’s gonna be okay, and he went to sleep right beside me, and I felt like I had no choice but to kiss his hair and put my arms around him. Then, my dreamscape shifted to a house, and the QA team was there. And everyone was drinking, and making merry. I approached Jonalyn, the girl on the left, and told her she needed to go sleep (she was uber drunk), and she got super angry and told me that they never sleep and when would I get that in my little head. Then we got into an argument, and Luv (our Mistress Assesor), came to intervene. Ooopsie, no picture of Luv anywhere in my phone. We had the strangest conversation. She said she overheard the guards talking about me, that I said something against them, so on and so forth. Even in my dream, I didn’t remember anything of that sort.


Tapos I woke to find all the screen panels were already installed in my room. The carpenter must have seen me sleeping semi nude. Hahaha. Poor guy.

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Yey! We finally got our email access in the office. Feeling namin, totoong QA na kami, after one month of super boredom. Literally, we had nothing to do the whole month of February.

Next stop, Nexus access.

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My first official day as Quality Analyst. We were supposed to have been given a lighter work load for our learning curve. I guess that curve just flattened out a lot faster than we thought. We were given the same number of roster, as opposed to the original plan na mas konti sa amin ni Ayeen, as the tenured QA’s. O ‘di ba, bongga. And, in retrospect, as Ayeen and I were sitting right outside the 7-11, it hit us how easy the job is. With proper time management, daming araw na pwedeng ileave.

And I got booted to the evening shift, too. Which is okay, kaso medyo dyahe sa new house. And to top it all, it rained. What was freaky about it was that after two streets from the house, the streets were bone dry. Eto pa masama, I got super uber mega drenched. The umbrella that I had was practically useless. When I got to the office, I had to take my shoes and socks off, tiptoeing on the carpet barefoot. Dedma sa mga big bosses. I had to borrow Ayeen’s jacket, so I can take my polo off. So I was naked under the jacket and it was scratchy as hell. I had Ayeen text a few of our cluster-mates to bring me a pair of slippers and a dry shirt. Thankfully, nagdala naman si Janice ng violet na shirt and a pair of fancy slippers. However, despite their fanciness, nagmukha akong galing sa slumber party.

Ibang panahon ‘to kinuhanan, but that’s Ayeen. We got promoted the same time, and we are inseparable at the moment. In fact, she promised to get me packed lunch tomorrow night. We’ll see.

I thought by the time my shift ends, tuyo na rin ‘ung stuff ko. I was wrong. So very wrong. Hanggang umuwi ako ng bahay, I still had soggy shoes. Yey for wet socks!

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