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Faded colours.


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So I’m outside the calendar range now; Mayan, Gregorian, or otherwise. Hopefully they would come up with a calendar that would stretch over 50 years. Or so. That way, no one feels obliged to be mature at 32.

How did I celebrate? An extremely special breakfast and extremely special coffee, with a dash of Grandma’s carrot cake and lots of talk, laugh, and a sprinkling of stories.

I thank you for being. You made it special.

I got my birthday haircut on the day of. My colleagues got me a huge slab of chocolate cake, with my rightful title (sorry, Riza) and name spread over the surface, like wildfire.

I got the things that I wanted before the turn of the year, and looking forward to something bigger soon. My family, friends, and colleagues have all kept me young, beautiful, intelligent, mutant, and proud. To you, I say thank you.

And as I move on to the next phase of my life, no longer governed by the calendar, I look back and tell myself, “That was a good run.”

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Sun Kissed

A conversation between my good mother and I:

Mama: Sobrang itim mo na!

Me: Because I swim every weekend. I think that’s just normal.

Mama: Itigil mo na yan. Di na maganda.

Me: So you’d rather maputi ako over healthy ang katawan ko?

Mama: Oo!

Ladies and gentlemen, ang nanay kong elitista.

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